Monday, 11 July 2016

The Wardrobe Angel and Part 2 of my journey to Hair Health

Big Sur Sunset

For the most part I wore my hair up on honeymoon (hiking and windy city breaks didn't bring out the best in Brian) but disaster struck: my hair and the sulphate and paraben free shampoo and conditioner from Kind Natured fell out BIG TIME. Rich and I had arrived in Bodega Bay. I headed out to the hot tub and watched the sun sink slowly in the distance. After an hour stewing in human soup, I donned my big fluffy robe and headed back to our room for a shower. Naturally, I washed my hair. We ordered room service and when I went to dry my hair it had turned into a matted mess, much like an oil slick taking up residence in my barnet - just gross. Ah Kind Natured, I had such high hopes for this shampoo and conditioner. I used them for a couple of days before Rich and I jetted off to America for our honeymoon and to be honest, the frizz seemed worse after I'd used them but I packed them nevertheless: I wanted to give them a fair try. Three weeks of use, one disgusting oil slick of a hair disaster later and they were gone; I ditched the Kind Natured shampoo in the cabin in Big Sur and at the next CVS Pharmacy I bought some TIGI Moisture Maniac.

The cabin in Big Sur was the "lucky" recipient of some really dodgy shampoo..

We got back from honeymoon in May so what have I done since? I have changed my hair brush, worked out that washing my hair at night is a frizz inducing fest BUT come morning, the frizz has (nearly) abated and it kinda looks ok! I've resisted getting a fringe trim for the last few weeks and it has grown out to hit my eyebrows, plus my hair has gotten past my shoulders and has started to wave - gotta say I am LOVING the new relaxed vibe atop my head, even if there are still some frizzy mountains to climb. A chance conversation with my friend Cate also drew my attention to the fact the the frizzy  hairs are a lot shorter than the rest of my hair. She reckoned the pesky frizz hairs are re-growth of hair lost after a period of stress and will eventually settle down BUT they ain't gonna grow if they kept getting broken by being swept up in to a topknot every day.

San Fran and a Whistles Bardot Top. Oh yeah, and I LOVE riding the tram cars

I have broken and used my GHD's on a couple of occasions (insert guilt trip here) BUT I had no end of compliments on those days. Rich came home from work one day and said

"Your hair is all nice and straight and lovely. What have you done to it?"

I've had some cracking suggestions via Facebook to help my hair health - try the Kerastright Smoothing hair treatment, Olaplex (although I thought this was just for coloured hair?) and some other shampoo and conditioner ideas. If you have any tips please let me know! I finally dug out some photos of my mane back in my late 20's and there was some frizz there! In the mists of my mind I thought my hair was wavy and frizz free but nope! So maybe I'm just going after this unreachable hair ideal....

My journey to hair health continues...

Til next time...The Wardrobe Angel x

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