Tuesday, 5 July 2016

Things I'm looking forward to in #July!

Is it July? I hadn't noticed.

We really are half way through the year now. GULP. STEADIES SELF ON COUNTER SIDE. Yes, I do understand how time works, I own a calendar and a watch, I get how time moves along and that yes, despite much protestation, the year flies by. It's because I'm a goal orientated person that when I lift my head up from the awesome grind stone of self-employed life, I feel I have so much more to do and that time, sometimes, isn't on my side. So, July, you tricky bugger, here we are and here's what I'm looking forward to this month:

  1. Bringing back my Teacher 10 campaign for the summer. Teachers ROCK. FULL STOP.
  2. Decorating our bedroom. The last room in the house to be done and by jove it needs a hefty dose of everything: plastering, carpets, curtains and some form of wardrobe. Now this is the weird thing that has held me back from moving the bedroom up the list of house priorities: I've seen a lot of wardrobes in my time and almost all have design features that don't work. I've seen a pull down wardrobe that had to be reached with a pole, a wardrobe that covered  half  a room but with only one sliding door it made it nigh on impossible to get to most of what was inside in a hurry, and many, many wardrobes which conceal the clothes in a way that makes things hard to find. I'm talking about draws, hanging spaces, nooks and crannies that have no real purpose for the clothes they are supposed to be serving. So for the last 8 years I have kept my clothes on rails, open rails with jumpers, jeans and tees folded in an upright chest of draws. My friend Clare always thinks it is hilarious I am called The Wardrobe Angel and don't have a wardrobe but I've seen enough to know I'm scared of committing to the wrong wardrobe. 
  3. A cheeky weekend away in Oxford. Rich and I fancied seeing some more of the UK so first up: Oxford. And a trip down memory lane for Rich as we visit Banbury where he was born.
  4. Lunch with a old friend. Haven't seen for her ages and she only lives 30mins away! Life man! It just kinda happens unless you are intentional about it!

Who stands in the sea with their jeans on?! Image from Daily Mail.

And finally - getting stuck into my radio show - 4 weeks in and the nerves have steadied! Filling 3 hours is no longer terrifying and the guests through the door have been AWESOME! You can listen live by clicking here. I'm on every Tuesday morning from 9am-12noon. My favourite feature of the utmost awesomeness is: 

3 songs you shouldn't like but secretly do
This week I played Darius, Peter Andre and Mambo number 5. Ear Candy or what?!

What are you doing this month? 

Til next time....The Wardrobe Angel x


  1. Darius, Peter Andre and Mambo number 5? I secretly do, I really do. Awesome.

    1. Yeah man!!! Today I played Bon Jovi and Betty Boo. Big time ravers!

  2. Also, I know what you mean about wardrobes. I removed the doors from my built in wardrobe when we moved in, the doors where too hideous to keep and we said we'd replace them. That was five years ago. The things is, it feels like I have rails and shelf space rather than a wardrobe, adding doors now fills me with horror. I mean, opening a door to get to my clothes wtf?!

    1. Been there! I did that at Uni - bye bye doors!


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