Friday, 28 October 2016

My new skincare find? Totally Tropic of course!

I was SO EXCITED to receive my Tropic goodies!

In September I was lucky enough to try some products from Tropic Skincare, a brand which offers natural and cruelty free skin care free from toxic chemicals and Vegan certified. With absolutely no nasties I was looking forward to seeing the result. 

First up – Firming Buttercream.

The scent of this is delicious – lemony, fresh and a perfect post-shower pick me up. It takes a while to work into your skin but once it does you won’t be disappointed. If I was going on a beach holiday anytime soon, this is what I’d take with me. Even though the formula makes it a very rich body lotion, the scent makes me think of post sunbathing showers and dips in the sea. Plus what awesome packaging! It's wrapped like a present!

Huzzah! The flame of Tropic skincare has landed in my bathroom!

The travel essentials come in a grab bag and the products are miniaturised. The clasp on the bag is a soft magnet so you can open it with one hand – really handy if you dealing with kids/holding a baby. I took the travel kit away for my first wedding anniversary earlier this month and wasn’t disappointed. I forgot to pack babywipes to remove my lipstick so in a stroke of genius I used the Organic Elixir. Just a couple of drops of the oil on a cotton wool pad wiped my lipstick clear off! Not only a fab facial oil it multi-tasked the hell out of getting my lippie off!  I was really impressed as the Maybelline 24hr Super Stay Lipstick does exactly that – it stays on! With the oil it came straight off, no messing.

To remove my foundation I used the smoothing cleanser. In a hot shower with plenty of steam, the combination of this cleanser and the mini face massage I gave myself had extraordinary results (more on that later). After my make-up was running down the plug hole I applied the skin nourishing cream which smells like a box of rose Turkish delight. Even Rich noticed the smell and commented on it (he loved it). As the temperature had dropped that week I whacked on a couple of drops of the Organic Elixir Face Oil. In winter my face feels like a sheet of thin parchment stretched over my features - kind of like Voldemort from Harry Potter. Even though my fringe covers my forehead, the skin there gets super dry (not the clothing label). This oil was enough to combat the dryness and didn’t feel greasy.

Face skin woes courtesy of Voldemort. Photo from Click's Clan Blog

So – the verdict? The morning we left our anniversary get away I didn’t wear a scrap of make-up. Now that for me is unheard of. My skin was GLOWING. In honesty, we’d been at a Spa hotel and I’d had a back massage so I was super relaxed anyway BUT my skin was plump and fresh and glowed. It radiated.

If you’d like to buy any of the products mentioned please contact Kati Tyler an independent ambassador for Tropic:

Phone: 07817 774892
and shop online at

You can also contact Kati directly for a free personal consultation

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