Monday, 31 October 2016

Time for Tights Lesson 3 Sock It to them kid!

Photo from The Cut

I have spent the last 4 Wardrobe Angel appointments waving various photos showcasing feet-encased-in-socks at clients imploring them to try this new styling trick. I'm not talking about a pop-sock (dear gawd, no) or your A-typical black ankle sock seen on most commuters. I'm talking about the rise of the fashion sock: a fish netted or metallicised beast of an ankle grazer which can add a layer of awesomeness to the most pedestrian of winter outfits. Imagine your everyday jeans and a jumper worn with a tasty sock and heel. Well, for me that's heaven!

Here are my top picks:

1. ASOS Micronet Fishnet Ankle Socks - If you want to jazz up the area at the bottom of your leg without going full fish net then these are the guys. Great with a navy shoe, a silver shoe, a trainer. I just added these to my basket. I've worn mine with a metallic silver heel and mom jeans and I got a raging compliment (more on that later.)

The 80's called. They want their look back.

Image from ASOS
2. ASOS Pothole Fishnet socks - a looser, more blousy affair than the micronet fishnet. Again, added to basket. I'm wearing mine with a vintage navy and gold striped court shoe for the texture. These socks are genius as you can layer another sock underneath - warmth and style?! Be still my beating heart!

Image from ASOS

3. ASOS Gold Glitter Socks - Cute stuffed into white trainers for the school run and worn with party shoes. These would look cracking with a white heel (yes, white heels are back. Again.) If gold isn't your bag then try a coloured sock. Swap your black socks for a shot of colour and match them across the colour spectrum. Yellow socks and blue shoes, navy socks and burgundy heels.

Image from ASOS

John Lewis opened recently in Leeds to much fanfare. I waited a week to venture forth and when I my John L, you outdid yourself: Baum und Pfundgarten and Hush just 2 juicy labels to get your hands on. My favourite part of visiting the new mall on the block was walking around COS and &OtherStories. Ye Gods how long us northerners have waited for these shops, Talk about the north/south divide! You guys south of Watford Gap are swimming in Scandi brands whilst us heathens up here on the moors have a had a mere whisper of these gods of clothing with the COS concession in Selfridges and only recently a full brace of &OtherStories opened up where French Connection used to be. Anyway, as I drifted up the stairs to COS menswear the assistant on the fitting room said

"Your sock and shoe combo is to die for."

Did I blush? Heck no, I bloody loved it! Who doesn't love getting a compliment?! So go forth, enjoy your socks and shoes this season. The man in COS have given us his blessing.

Til next time ...x

The Wardrobe Angel

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