Monday, 5 September 2011

Be your own Knight in Shining Armour

As if Mondays aren't horrifying enough, here are some scary facts for you:

47% of women who aren't retired don't have a pension of their own.
1 in 4 women expect the rely on their partners pension benefits *


As far as I was aware the Job Centre isn't doing a roaring trade in filling their vacancies for Knights In Shining Armour so who do these women think is going to look after them when they hit retirement age? With the average woman earning an average of £1,600 per month she should be contributing an average of 10% of that salary per month into her pension pot. Sorry - there are lots of averages in here today - but you get my drift.

To add to this fairytale gone awry, women spend an average of £1000 per year on clothes but only wear 20% or their wardrobes which effectively meams £800 of the money spent on clothes is wasted.

So...before you hit the shops armed with your September wage packet just think ...can you really afford that £20 you will only wear once? That £20 could sit quite nicely in your pension pot growing and maturing until you are ready to retire. Where will that £20 top be by the time you retire? Lets be honest - it will probably be earning its keep in a landfill dump somewhere. So which would you rather?

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