Thursday, 1 September 2011

The Doctor will see you now

Local businesses and getting more bang for your fashion buck: these are a few of my favourite things.
I walk past the Denim Doctor in Manchester pretty much twice a week thinking 'I should go in there' but never managed it. I even took a photo of the sign on my phone last week to remind me to get my arse in gear but to no avail.

Until the stud popped off my black skinnies this morning.

Climbing the magnificently tiled staircase (you should visit just for the decor alone) I was greeted by a master tailor and his son, The Denim Doctor. Handing over my jeans we got to talking about the business of business in a recession and the knock-on effect on trade. Turns out The Doctor is doing pretty well - people are renewing and re-working like never before and in turn saving themselves money. His customers are saving themselves cash by using his service. Why buy more when you can better what you already own?

The Denim Doctor can turn your bootcuts into skinnies, repair zips and studs and even piece your jeans back together when they have split at the crotch (or crutch as I learnt). The crutch is the most commonplace part of your jeans to rip because this areas has the most tension, not because you have gained a few lbs. I'm going to steer clear of naming brand names and joining the denim brand debate for the moment - suffice to say that it doesn't seem to matter which end of the high street the denim has been bought from - all brands have walked through the surgery doors to The Denim Doctor at some point.

Here's the website and as usual - Feast your fashion eyes!

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