Saturday, 27 August 2011

Playsuits you, Sir

Playsuits. Summer staple. But as the rain pours down outside my window, it looks suspiciously as though summer has done a runner. So let's talk playsuit cost per wear: you may have got your monies worth taking your playsuit to the beach/glasto/Ibiza but we live in frugal times. Re-work and re-wear is the way forward. Your playsuit doesn't have to be consigned to the summer charity shop clear-out just yet, there is plenty more life in that playsuit yet. Here are some ideas of how to get that summer playsuit ready for winter:

1. Combine tights, a fierce belt, dark lippy and nails and top if off with a faux fur coat or jacket for a slightly Gothic look.
2. Sling a cable knit jumper over the top so you are left with a cute pair of shorts. Add tights and boots.
3. Wear with a maxi skirt so just the top half of your playsuit is on show. Add a faux fur waistcoat and a belt to create a curvy silhouette so you don't get lost beneath the swathes of fabric covering your legs. Add some cute socks and sandals.
4. Wrap a long cardi over it and belt. Add tights. Playing around with textures in this outfit - the cardi could be cashmere, cable knit, mohair - will add an extra dimension and make you touchable.
5. Add a tailored suit jacket, a fascinator and some sky high heel and you have a perfect winter smart/casual event outfit.

Can you spot a common theme here? Tights. I LOVE tights. Black 70 denier tights (Denier is the linear mass density of fibres so the higher the denier, the thicker the tights.) Get some good quality ones (it won't hurt you going into M&S where at this time of year they will probably have tights at the till so you won't have to search far for them) and they will last you the season giving you even more bang for your buck.

To Playsuits...and beyond....

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