Monday, 22 August 2011

The Leather Report

Leather. It pops up every A/W season and remains a lust worthy fashion 'staple'. But with many pieces retailing at over £150 it can sometimes be a shade out of the average price range. However, due to the nature of the fashion beast you can bet your bottom dollar that come the main winter sales (not the mid-season affairs that rock around in Sept/October no, no, no but the BIG sales that routinely kick off just before Xmas or on Boxing Day) many of the key leather pieces will be discounted. Why? Because leather doesn't suit everybody: it clings, it makes you hot, it can stick in uncomfortable places. Plus with its fetish overtones, leather just ain't appealing for some.

A leather piece, say a pencil skirt, will last you more than just one season;it's a true investment piece and one that I genuinely advocate purchasing. In black or brown it will invariably team up with lots of pieces already hanging in your wardrobe. You can wear it for work, for a night in a pub (just sit near the door to catch the draft otherwise the leather will turn you into a wilting version of your former self) and they look immense as your Christmas Day outfit with a bit of awesome knitwear (see for some lush animal printed specimens!)

Reduced leather pieces will usually go down to more than half price when January rocks around so if you have your heart set on a leather 'must-have' this season I would just bide your time...
wait...wait a bit more...and enjoy the money you will have saved.

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