Friday, 19 August 2011

Fashion maths Friday!

What is cost per wear and how do you really use it? Get ready for a fashion maths lesson Wardrobe Angels! (engage your imagination - today the percentage sign is a divided sign!)

Cost per wear = cost of the garment %  number of times you will wear it

Easy in theory but you can never be sure how many times you will wear a garment until you actually start to use it. You just need to use your head. What do you wear a day-to-day? What is always hanging in your wardrobe but never worn? What do you find yourself taking to the charity shop on a regular basis? If a dress cost you £100 and you only wore it once then your cost per wear is £100...and a waste of money! If you paid for it on your credit card and you haven't paid it off yet then your £100 cost per wear is higher because you may be paying interest on it!

Think of your wardrobe as a business and your clothes as employees - you want them to work hard for you so you get your monies worth!

Happy Friday Wardrobe Angels!

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