Monday, 1 August 2011

Making short shrift out of palazzo pants

Hands up who bought a pair of palazzo pants this summer? The high street and everyone on it has indulged in the floaty fabric of the must-have wide-leg of the season. But as I like to talk about getting more bang from your buck I began to think how you can get another season out of your trusty trousers...shorten them! If your palazzo pants are patterned, floral or plain Jane's they will all work with your winter wardrobe because shorts look great in winter: thick black tights, shuboots and a jumper all wrapped up with a cable knit scarf. Throw a leather biker jacket over the top and you are winter ready. I asked my friend Laura ( how easy it would be to turn your summer staples into your winter warmers,

"A pair of trousers can easily be turned into shorts but a turn-up only works with certain fabrics. For example a soft, floaty pair of palazzo pants would be better shortened with a normal hem, whereas a heavier fabric will hold the shape of a turn-up to give a much neater finish."

Bingo. It's a great way of getting more wear out of your wardrobe rather than just forgetting about your trousers after the sun has set, or worse, throwing them away. And the cost*?

  "I charge £9 to shorten trousers with a normal finish and £11 with a turn-up and it makes no difference if I am taking them up 1 inch or 20 inches!"

*Prices are Manchester specific

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