Saturday, 13 August 2011

Micro Trend Fashion Maths

What's a micro trend?

Think of it as the short spin on your washing machine - blink and you'll miss it. They are usually around for 6-8 weeks (but can last longer) and have worked their way down to the high street via fashion magazines whose fashion editors have picked them up whilst watching the most recent fashion shows with very beady eyes. They can also act like boomerangs - they just keep coming back. Like wearing socks with sandals. The "socks and sandals" micro trend has been around for two years but came into its own over S/S 11 when it crossed over from micro trend to an established summer trend. I immediately thought of Brits abroad - not the drunken, sun burnt masses we know and love (hint of sarcasm? I think so) -  but namely the older gents preserving their foot dignity by wearing socks with their Jesus sandals. How wrong was I? Alexa Chung had this trend down pat.

But the thing with micro trends is that by slavishly following them you are ultimately spending money on things you don't need, won't wear and will regret buying. Plus you will never fully establish your own 'look'. Say you spent £10 on those black rimmed geek glasses, another £5 on some crackling nail varnish and then £10 on a boho tassel trimmed waistcoat (even though your style is sleek and modern) that's £25 which would have been put to better use in an ISA or a pension. It's a waste of money - YOUR MONEY. So before you part with your hard earned cash just give it another moments thought. And do your fashion maths.

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