Monday, 15 August 2011

Celebrate good clothes, come on!

(You can sing Kool and the gang's A-mayzin choon whilst you read my latest post... happy Monday Wardrobe Angels!)

I believe you should really celebrate what you already own - you spent good money on your clothes and shoes so get the most out of them. There will always come a time when something is so bobbled it needs replacing, or your shoes are so scuffed that another layer of shoe polish simply won't cover it but in the meantime enjoy what is currently in your wardrobe. Think of your clothes as an investment. If you put money into a savings account you expect a little money back as interest. Same goes for your wardrobe; get the right clothes in there and you can expect lots of good things back: positive comments about what you are wearing, thinking 'wow. I have loads of options' instead of 'I have nothing to wear', and hopefully, the clothes will still have a re-sale value when you are ready to part with them. Check out my website for more information...

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