Monday, 8 August 2011


Trends come and go. It's how fashion works. With  New York, London, Milan , and Paris in the fashion spin cycle all those designers needs something new to showcase. But are the trends really new? If you look closely,very closely, year on year there are certain trends that keep popping up. So to stop this fast fashion consume consume mentality just a few items in your wardrobe can keep you up to date without you having to spend a penny:

1. Nautical - Usually reserved for Spring the red, white and blue trend has been seeping into Summer of late. As soon as you've finished singing Auld Langs Syne when the clock strikes midnight on New Years Eve you just dig out that blue/white or blue/cream striped top and pair it with skinny jeans. If you happen to have a pair of ballet pumps then sling them on as well. Unless it's knee deep snow outside and you are very brave.

2. Winter - Velvet. Every winter the shops are awash with velvet - dresses, coats, jackets, skirts, tops. Sometimes in deep red, green (steer clear) and burgundy (I'm pulling a face whilst writing this) but mostly in black (phew. Black. Stick to black.) Velvet is a Christmas staple. So either wait for the pre-Christmas sales or get cosy with some velvet when it hits the shops - usually around October. Bingo.
The same goes for sequins.

3. Winter - Rock. At some point in the fashion calendar there will be a rock trend and Kate Moss is usually the poster girl for it. So here the key pieces are: skinny jeans, black leather (or pleather) biker jacket and a logo t-shirt. It may come around as festival season hits or you may find it splashed over the pages of fashion mags in the September issue of fashion mags. Whenever it arrives, believe me: it will arrive.

4. Androgyny - Tailored black suit jacket? Check. White shirt? Check. Manly brogues? Check. And we are done with androgyny.

Before you hit the shops desperate for the "new" trends go your own wardrobe! You'll be surprised what you already own that will do you proud and save you some cash.

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