Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Sometimes it pays to be cheap.

Wanting is different from needing. With the shops full to bursting with gorgeous autumn offerings you may want loads of things but whether you need them is another matter, especially if your bank balance is running on empty or you've already spent your student loan. So here are my top tips for buying cheap clothes:

1. Hit the charity shops in a wealthy area – labels are invariable top end high street and better quality in the long run. I got a wool, camel coat from Barnardos (Manchester) on Saturday for £14.99 which was an immense find.

2. Wait for the mid-season sales – hitting shops end of Sept/beginning of October. Depending on how desperate retailers are they will slash prices a lot and bring out old sale as well.

3. Hit the outlets – give yourself a day and trawl the shops at an outlet mall. The majority of the clothes will be questionable, however for basics they are actually ok. If you can find a French Connection you are on to a winner as they discount well and the stock doesn't date.

4. Register online for secret sample sales.

5. Register for Freecycle (www.freecycle.org) in your area, post a wanted add for clothes and see what you get in return.

6. Car boots – time, patience and early mornings generally required but well worth it. Avoid trying on trousers (takes too long and no fitting rooms) but try on coats, jackets, tops, bags and accessories.

Most importantly – WRITE A SHOPPING LIST BEFORE YOU GO OF THE EXACT THINGS YOU NEED. Otherwise you will spend money on things you don’t need.
Happy wardrobe, happy you. Til next time.. x

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