Monday, 9 January 2012

Why do shops always move things?

You found the perfect dress for your cousins’ wedding but you have to wait to be paid before you can buy it. Come the end of the month, and a healthier bank balance, you go back to the shop and….the dress is gone. Queue some ranting, raving, maybe some tears.  Sound familiar?

It’s really frustrating but shops move things for a number of reasons:

1.       To showcase new stock. When new fashion lines arrive on delivery tfrom the warehouse they are placed at the front of the shop to catch peoples eye, to entice them in. If the same stock sat at the front of the shop each time you walked past, you wouldn’t shop there because you would be bored of seeing it. So are the staff.

2.       To indicate the change in season. Now we are firmly in 2012 coats and knits from AW11 have been pushed back to make way for fresh, new, exciting SS12 clothes. Check out M&S with their new nautical flavoured windows launched this week.

3.       To launch a campaign. This is just common sense on the part of retailers. They have spent serious dosh on an advertising campaign bragging about their wonderful new clothes to the general public so they want those clothes to be easily accessible to you, the consumer. Where do they place the clothes? At the front of the store. Meaning everything that was previously in that area has to be worked into the stock package elsewhere in the shop.

But ultimately shops rotate their stock package on a regular basis to keep you shopping and to keep you spending money. Simples!

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