Thursday, 30 August 2012

Downsizing Handbag Style

I spend my days working my way through wardrobes which have lost their fashion way, are too chock full to be user friendly or are simply in need of a bit of organisational love so it was a shock when the tables were turned on me.

A few weeks ago I went to a Thirsty Thursday event and had a complimentary shoulder massage from the lovely team at Harmony Hill, a social enterprise based in Leeds. There were numerous knots in my back plus a searing pain over my left shoulder . When asked why I thought this was I said I had no idea. Then the lady picked up my handbag. With a huge heave she lifted it an inch from the floor. Fixing me with a knowing look she replied incredulously "really? Which hand is your bag hand?" Answers on a postcard please! I admit it - I am not a small bag person. When I lived in London I used a weekend bag as my everyday handbag. And with all that lushness of space what is a girl to do? Fill it, that's what. My go to bag for the past few months has been a vintage shop find which I have filled. To capacity:

So that's all the basics which then get added to on a daily basis. Sunny weather? Add sunglasses and sun cream. Nippy out? Two scarves (one knitted, one silk or cotton) and a jumper. Plus my camera for client days and numerous pens and pads for scribblings.

With the threat of looking like the Hunchback of Notre-Dame looming large I was forced to re-asses my arm candy and I was lucky enough to find this classic clutch from Whistles. It feels divine and works with most of my wardrobe. It does feel a bit like a man bag but I think that's just me missing the big ol' bag of yore. 

I have downsized successfully for one week now (thumbs skyward!) and even though there are days when only a mega bag will do, long may the minimalism of arm candy continue. 

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