Sunday, 9 June 2013

Topshop and the over 30's woman...

LOVE the clutch

A couple of weeks ago I went to a Topshop event in Leeds to publicise their Personal Shopping service. Now, being a woman over 30 (holla!) I have steered away from Topshop in recent years as I always felt like a granny when I was in there. Plus the sizing was a bit on the small side for me. But in a room with interactive models I found my opinion starting to change....
I was pleasantly surprised by the name of the game the Personal Shoppers (PS) talking about: VERSATILITY and ways to wear - take to suit above for example. The PS ran through a list of ways to wear the suit: separate, together, shoulder robed. They were also fully aware of the fact that Topshop is popular with teenagers hence the PS experience is perfect for the older lady ...

Amazing neck candy

Amazing heels

In a cut throat retail environment where new lines are hitting down at a rate of knots, the Topshop team are offering up their styling services in a tranquil, calm shopping environment away from the shopfloor.

More amazing neck candy

Goody Bags. Why thank you, don't mind if I do.

What's on offer with Topshop Personal Shopping

You can ring up or email them for an appointment and when you arrive the room will be ready to fit your brief. They are doing a lot of hen do and honeymoon wardrobes at the moment. The BIG WOW could be something like a first date, the MIRACLE WORKER shows you how to dress something up and down, and the IN AND OUT is designed for those on a time budget.

What I wore: Zara Top, H&M Trend Jacket, Diesel Jeans, Whistles clutch


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