Thursday, 29 January 2015

Shopping for my Wedding Dress (Part 4)

People have now begun to ask me:

"as a stylist are you feeling the pressure of finding a dress?"

The simple answer is no. Fashion and style are intensely personal experiences which can be influenced and shaped by the media, magazines and peers but I believe each one of us has an innate sense of style which, when displayed in all its awesomeness, is congruent with who we are, where we are going, and shows what we do.

The dress has to fit certain, non-negotiable, categories:

1. It has to fit.
2. It can't show my cleavage. I'm getting married in a church.
3. I have to be able to walk, sit, stand and eat in it. I'm not paying for a fancy meal only to be able to manage a few mouthfuls. I intend to chow down come Wedding Day.
4. I have to be able to wear it again. Just kidding. Although I might bring it out at fancy dress time, or just wear it when I am, pep up my day. Like Monica and the gals from Friends back in the day....

But aside from that, it's my decision what I wear. It's my style.

  I have NO IDEA about wedding dress trends, no idea AT ALL and I don't want to know. 

I don't want an "on-trend" wedding dress simply because everyone else has that one. I want a dress which fits (see point number 1 above and whilst you are there you may want to re-read the other points as well), which I feel awesome in, which when I put it on, I'll know

YES, this is the dress I'm going to marry Rich in.


  1. Have you found it yet? You will absolutely know. I did. I had the magical moment where I put it on and feel in love, even before I saw my reflection in the mirror. It's not a style I expected but one I love and now I can't imagine choosing anything else. I'm looking forward to seeing what you pick. Have fun!!

    1. Yes I have!! I wanted to let the experience settle before I blogged about it. You are so right - you just know. I burst into tears. It was so emotional! So true - I would've never picked it up but my Mum said "why don't you try this" and ....that was it!

  2. Hi Stephanie! Thanks for following me, I shall be returning the favour! Congratulations on your impending marriage. When I got married, what led me to my dress was to search Jane Austen wedding dress in Google and in the first row was this beautiful designer dress by Johanna Hehir. I fell in love with it but since it was £2900 new and was from a collection 4 years before my wedding, there wasn't much hope! I found something in Monsoon similarish (in the sale!) and then miraculously, by mistake, I found someone was selling MY dress (the dream dress above) on Ebay in my size for less 10% of the original price and when it arrived it fitted me perfectly, I didn't have to have it adjusted at all!!


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