Sunday, 4 January 2015

What's Grotbags got to do with my Clothes Swap?

Hello January! I've indulged in quite a few of those 'glorious nothing days' this holiday which Peter Capaldi harks on about so knowingly in a well-known butter advert. This culminated in a discussion with Rich this morning about which kids TV programme Grotbags was in (I stumped my money on Fraggle Rock). Only kids of the 80's will truly appreciate the reference to this warty green witch:

Image courtesy of Showbiz Geek

Which led me to think I should get back in the blogging saddle with a way that will (hopefully) rejuvenate a couple of wardrobes in the meantime. If you overspent at Christmas and are bored with your clothes what I'm proposing will help you get rid of some of your clutter and receive some free clothing to boot. I'm proposing an online clothes swap which starts with me and ends with you and in the middle we swap clothes.

It worked out really well with Polka Dot Pink earlier this year when I sent her my sunshine dress and she sent me a blue dress in return so I'm really keen to see what other great swaps can take place. Read my original clothes swap blog post by clicking here

So what's up for grabs this month? A Faux Fur wrap from H&M. One Size, fully lined and machine washable in great condition. It has one hook and eye fastening or it can be worn open. It looks great worn over evening wear. All you have to do is send me something in return which suits my wardrobe. My style is dramatic, I love leopard print and sequins, black and white, big gold chains and colour pop heels in size 5. I'm a size 8 and am currently loving bodycon dresses. 

If you want the faux fur wrap, it's yours!

First come, first served.  

Tweet me @wardrobe_angel, message me via my website or leave a comment in the section below.  

Lets dull the painful nonsense of all the New Year, New You malarky and refresh our wardrobes for free! 


(my friend Amy has nabbed it)


  1. What a great idea! That cape looks lovely (I'd have it in a heartbeat) but unfortunately I'm a bigger dress and shoe size than you. Boo!

    Look forward to seeing where it ends up :)

  2. Me too! It's always exciting seeing who wants what and why!

  3. Grotbags was in Rod Hull and Emu's show - something to do with a big pink windmill? She used to freak me right out, I remember that much!

    I wonder if a larger blog clothes swap would be viable - maybe we could sign up lots of different bloggers and pair up by clothes or shoe size? Hmmm... thinking cap is now on.


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