Sunday, 20 July 2014

Living in Spirit

It seems food is much like fashion – one season goji berries, the next kale. One season it is safe to drink red wine, the next it’s slung off the menu. There’s lots of talk about rising obesity levels in the UK (two thirds of people in the UK are overweight ) – we sit at work, in the car, in front of the TV, we hold tablets instead of tennis rackets. I've noticed that alongside our increasingly sedate lives, there has been an increasing abundance of diet quick fixes sold through networking marketing: shakes, bars and minute meals that, when you look at the recipe they don’t seem to contain anything even close to resembling food. So it’s refreshing to meet someone who can really get to the root of eating habits who has trodden the path herself and lives her brand daily and authentically.

Enter fellow Yorkshire lass Gina Battye, I received an email from her and a line in it made me sit up and take note, “have you ever opened your wardrobe and not felt good?” Inspired from a fitting room awakening with a size 16 shirt and the potential of lifelong IBS Gina refused to let the diagnosis shape her life, “I knew I could do it myself, to make myself healthier and happier.” She put herself on a gradual learning curve which saw her transform into a self-taught no nonsense food guru who is now a best-selling author. Her 5 point plan isn't just about food – it is far more wide reaching:

1.      Eating Well
2.      Keeping active
3.      Reduce Stress
4.      Achieving work/life balance
5.      Living in spirit

It was number 5 that interested me. Before I became The Wardrobe Angel I had my ‘dream job’ except I was stressed, tired and overwhelmed from working 6 days a week. Now I can work 7 days a week but it feels a million times more fulfilling and awesome and I lost half a stone without even trying. You might scoff at all the "following your bliss nonsense" but when Gina has nailed it - when are doing what you want to the best of your ability then happiness, living in spirit and natural weight loss come naturally. 

Check out the Health by Gina website by clicking here and hear her personal story here:

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