Monday, 14 July 2014

Slopping my creative juices

For nearly 3 years I got away with being The Wardrobe Angel doing hardly any outfit posts. Weird, right? I turned up at client’s houses, and was greeted with "you look great” or “I love your necklace/skirt/bag (delete as appropriate)” or “where did you get that?” But I always shied away from taking the joy of these compliments and transferring them into outfit posts.

I was adamant when I set up The Wardrobe Angel that I wouldn't do those wanky selfies, those boasting posts of “look what I'm wearing today.”  In the face of all this fast fashion consumption, weekly style trends and outfit of the day (#ootd) Instagram shots, I felt how I dressed was going against the grain: I do more with less, I create different ways to wear, some of my wardrobe is nearly 10 years old, I rarely go shopping.

But then I met the wonderful coach Jennifer Potter of Simply JP coaching and in 10 minutes she had me reaching for my phone to capture my outfit. She asked me point blank “what makes you different?” And I answered “I'm where fashion meets style meets sustainability.” Not hard at all. She then asked me what was holding me back. Simples. “Me” Another quick fire question “Why?”

She had me right there – confidence. Until this month I have had a huge lack of confidence putting ‘my style’ out there. So Jen offered me a lifeline and I took it – she suggested making the outfit posts about the clothes rather than me to inspire other people so when they looked at what I was posting they would think “Ah ha! I’ve got a skirt like that – I’m going to style it like The Wardrobe Angel today.”

And since then it’s been like a dam breaking and I've been slopping my creative fashion juices all over the style steaks on InstagramFacebook, and this here blog (check out the Outfits page next door.)

I can’t recommend Jen highly enough – please check out her website by clicking here to find out how she can help you too.

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