Thursday, 24 July 2014

Summer BBQ Outfit

I am a proper creative thinker - I live and think in colour, pattern and texture. I remember doing an exercise as a management trainee at M&S once where we were asked to picture the numbers 1-10 and describe then in detail. I pictured number 5 as pink and fluffy. One of the other graduate trainees was all "whaaaat?". It was then I realised how my mind worked: I'm certainly not about 'the numbers' and 'the logic.'

The outfit (above) which I wore for a family BBQ in London - it was in my mind about a week before. The Topshop top is sleeveless (awesome in the heat) and the trousers from Urban Outfitters, even though they crease like a b****** are really lightweight and have pockets which I love - somewhere to put your hands if you are feeling awkward. The block heeled sandals were an inspired Nine West sale choice at the end of last summer and they go with pretty much everything in my summer wardrobe.

Here's why I love it:

  • There is a slight pink tinge in the embellishment of the top which pulls it through to the trousers. 
  • The bag is textured and stands out against the silky texture of the trousers. 
  • Speaking of textures, each piece has a different texture so there is lots for the eye to take in and look at.
  • The top surrenders the waist and I wore the trousers on my hips so lots of room for BBQ food.
  • The shoes aren't 'matchy matchy' so they create a great focal piece

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