Thursday, 31 July 2014

Speed Shopping

I recently changed my Personal Shopping service. "That's not exactly news" you may think but believe me, it is. Personal Shopping used to take a whole day, it was draining, for both myself and the client and I wanted to find a better way. Then Katie booked me and the better way was found. 

Katie HATES shopping. Hates, detests, would probably rather rip her own finger nails out than hit the shops. Last summer, the first time she booked me, she needed an outfit for a wedding, a outfit for the Hen Do and some clothes for her job but like I said, hates shopping so a 6 hour shopping trip wasn't going to cut it. I created a SPEED SHOPPING trip lasting 3 hours but promised her we'd get everything. It was a tall order but we pulled it off. 

This year Katie requested a dress for the wedding evening do and wanted to re-style the coral dress for the day. The process became quicker and slicker:

  • I set up a Pinterest board in advance for us both to pin on. This interactive tool allowed us to comment on both colour schemes and clothing types before we hit the shops. And it was as easy as texting to do on our phones.
We were re-using a coral lace dress from the previous year so I suggested teaming it with blue. 

  • We were scheduled to shop from 5pm-8pm so I headed into Leeds a couple of hours before and sent her photos of the items I was considering for her so she could comment on them straight away. 
This Karen Millen dress for the evening do was inspired - Katie has a long body so the proportions fit her perfectly. Plus she can throw a jacket over the top and wear it for work AND put a jumper over the top turning it into a skirt.

We visited the shops in an order that meant no walking back on ourselves to save time and even though I'd thrown in some curveballs to push the boundaries (all hail the jumpsuit), we were done in 1.5 hours - shoes, bag, jewellery and dress. 

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