Wednesday, 6 August 2014

Face Style

The clue is in the title - it's what I put on my face to stop unwelcome comparisons to swamp donkeys. And to cover acne scars.

First up we have Ever Matte foundation from Clarins. Ever since an allergic reaction to Clinique a few years ago I have been a Clarins convert. This foundation soaks up grease (of which my skin has tonnes) and lasts for AGES - I've had this bottle since February.

Benefit Pore Professional - sent from the gods. I have crater sized pores, they map them from space, and this covers them up giving me awesome skin. On an office day I'll just pop a bit of this on my face and be done with the rest of the make-up routine/rigmarole.

GOSH eyebrow kit from Superdrug. The wonderful make-up artist Natalie Willingham got me on to filling in my eyebrows about a year ago. It makes such a difference!

MAC Strobe Cream or Sleep In A Bottle as I call it. Awesome for early mornings, late nights and when I require a dose of radiance.

I spent my teens and early 20's hacking at my eyebrows. Who knows, maybe if I'd left well alone I'd be rivalling Cara right now in the eyebrow stakes. For plucking the pesky hairs I have found no better tweezers than Tweezerman.

My red lips used to be achieved through a mixture of Lipcoat and Revlon and then I found Maybelline 24 hour Super Stay. It does exactly what it says on the tin. Won't come off when you eat or drink. Just awesome. And mostly always on 3 for 2 in Boots. Go wild.

And last but not least Bourjois Volume 1 Seconde mascara. I used to forgo mascara in preference for the lipstick but then I felt the fringe was dominating the top half of my face and the eyes weren't getting a look in. After an allergic reaction to the Benefit They're Real mascara (it is so chemically thick - like an oil slick - and nigh on impossible to take off) and a clumpy, flaky experience with Maybelline Rocket Volume Express I turned to Boujois Volume 1 Seconde mascara. Easy to apply, easy to take off and it works!!! One coat and your eyes instantly 'pop'. You can see why it won a Grazia beauty award. 


  1. The lipstick sounds like a must-buy, I wore my usual MAC red yesterday for the first time in ages and ended up with a smeared and stained face after eating lunch. What shade do you recommend?

    1. Take your MAC lippy to the Maybelline selection and get a match. If you are feeling brave the coral is a reet corker! Plus you can get an extra balm that turns the finish matt rather than glossy.


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