Wednesday, 20 August 2014

Nail Style

When I started The Wardrobe Angel I knew I wanted to stand out in the sea of black and grey that engulfs you at most networking events so red lips and red nails it was, plus a healthy dose of vintage clothing, phat jewelz and leopard print. The only thing that put paid to my cunning plan was that I've never had the patience for nail maintenance; bit of clipping and filing here and there and the odd coat of colour before a 'special event'. Wardrobe styling sessions certainly took their toll on my hand painted nails. Chips Ahoy! I spent hours painting and re-painting my red nails before and after each appointment.

Then I discovered Shellac. Oh heaven! Oh joy! Chip free awesomeness. Recently, I discovered Rag Doll Nails in Leeds where you can have all manner of stuff glued on - foils, glitter - to achieve the heady status of Rock Star nails. Me? I just stick to plain ole red but it does the job and that's why I like it.

I'm in Wales this week seeing clients and this ever so arty shot was taken on a massive rock on the beach in Rhos-on-Sea. 

On weeks where I am office based I like to give my nails a rest, however, and the Shellac comes off. I down tools - pairing back my make-up and my nails. On my hands I opt for the Nails Inc Basil Street which is the most wonderful nude, easy to apply, nice and thick and 1 coat does the trick. My toes get a slosh of Rimmel Pro which dries to the touch straight away. I also use a matt top coat when the mood takes me.

Til next time....x

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