Sunday, 24 August 2014

Celebrating small achievements

This week has seen three seemingly small but hugely significant changes in my life as The Wardrobe Angel and I celebrated BIG TIME thanks to the wonderful Gala Darlings's magnificent blog post on Redefining Success (click here for a read). I read Gala's post slack jawed with realisation that I don't down tools and celebrate enough, I normally make another brew and plough on. Reading Gala's wise words was eye opening because those even seemingly small successes are something that I created, worked for and deserve:

Learning to celebrate your small successes is a essential part of entrepreneurship.

First up my seller rating on eBay went from STANDARD to ABOVE STANDARD. I have been watching and waiting for this to happen for a long time; I even had the date marked in my diary! It not only means I am doing my job properly and that my customers are happy, but that I comfortable and deserving of the tag "eBay Expert". I spend at least 1 day a week doing eBay - wrapping, posting, uploading, answering questions - and to be rewarded for all my hard work felt AWESOME. (Plus it extends the life cycle of clothing, keeping it out of landfill so double awesome.)

Second up was something I have been working away on since June: my blog. Hand on heart, my blog was almost an afterthought to my online presence. Then something clicked: my blog came together and worked. Confidence, cause and clothing have made my blog fun to be around these past few months and I plucked up the courage to apply for the Oxfam Fashion Blogger Network. I got an email this week telling me I have been officially accepted:

Thank you very much for your application to be an Oxfam Fashion Blogger. I am pleased to inform you that you have been successful and I warmly welcome you to the Oxfam Fashion blogger network.

We really liked your blog post and you showed a lot of creativity with your photos. We are also impressed by your blog and your commitment to sustainability in fashion, something we are very passionate about. We are sure you could bring a lot to the Oxfam Fashion blog and it’s great to have you on board. 

The third thing worthy of celebration is a little more personal. Recently I bought a house where I grew up. Returning to my old stomping ground to put down new roots, I am in love with this feeling of permanency after years of what seems like a nomadic existence which has taken me to: Manchester, Liverpool, London, Dubai, Halifax and back to Manchester.

We were taught as kids that blowing your own trumpet plays a very bitter tune, that it wasn't the 'done thing' to talk about what we achieved, that bragging was unattractive: I say SOD IT. So back to Gala Darling - how did I celebrate? I jumped up and down on the sofa. Good, proper childlike bouncing with glee etched on my face and my hair flying in the wind. Roll on success!

Til next time....!x

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