Friday, 29 August 2014

Busting through Wardrobe Myths with Captain Birdseye

I've lost count of the number of clients that come at me with 

"I always thought you couldn't do that." 

There are loads of wardrobe myths out there that are passed down from generation to generation sometimes without question or reason. Some of the most spectacular styling comes when these wardrobe myths are busted wide open: not matching your shoes and your bag and pairing navy and black together being two examples.  

I LOVE wearing navy and black together. I fell in love with this combo back in 2012 when I saw the flame haired actress Jessica Chastain rocking catwalk Carven. This picture went out to loads of clients "LOOK!!!! YOU CAN WEAR NAVY AND BLACK TOGETHER!!!"

(Just FYI - you don't need a Hollywood actress to give you permission to wear something. Dress for yourself. Simple as.)

A short while afterwards I purchased a vintage navy jacket from The Bramhope Dress Agency which was, as my mate Emily pointed out to me, slightly reminiscent of Captain Birdseye. Fish fingers aside, the jacket got A LOT of wear with my black jeans and a grey t-shirt underneath to break it up. Then this happened:

I used this picture on Instagram and fine tuned it to the max with all kinds of filter magic

I woke up one morning with this outfit in my head. The black based leopard print with the navy shawl collar jacket and stone wash jeans somehow just worksI've had the jacket 2 years, the blouse since February but never thought to put them together. And this is what's great about having a wardrobe unique to you - you don't see all the possibilities straight away. 

And here's a pic of Captain Birdseye for the memories....

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