Monday, 11 August 2014

Autumn Winter Wardrobes

I can never get through summer without thinking 'what's next for Autumn/Winter?' Hell, it already feels like winter up here in't north - I'm sitting here watching the rain bounce down and I'm wearing a JUMPER. A JUMPER I tell you! It's AUGUST!!!! Weather rant aside it's the way my mind has always worked - I start preparing my wardrobe for winter right about now. Plus I've never been great at 'doing summer', I'm more comfortable wrapped up in scarves, coats and knits rather than wafting around in barely there cotton smocks. 

Houndstooth check is always a 'go-to' pattern for the winter season; you'll see it on coats, blouses, skirts, trousers, bags and even jewellery. I picked this blouse up in a charity shop for the princely sum of £3! Yay for charity shops! Here I've styled it with a faux fur cape from Per Una Duo (the now defunct part of Per Una which was for teenagers! Ye Gods M&S what were you thinking???) which was bought as a gift over 10 years ago and still going strong. So now it's vintage, yeah?! Bottom half I'm going to style it with:
  • Black jeans. 
  • Black midi pencil skirt
  • Cream wide legged trousers (which are in desperate need for a few inches being sawn off them as I am midget sized apparently and the trousers were clearly meant for Kate Moss-esque beings.)
  • Various fierce heels. I've got a cracking forest green pair of courts from Office that'll go mightily finely. 
I'm also going to try throwing it over a few dresses to turn them into skirts. Then add massive thick black tights. Heaven! As well as starting to stock up on all items Autumn/Winter I do a few other bits and pieces with my wardrobe now so when the cold chills come I am ready:

  • Get my winter coat dry cleaned. I also need to get mine re-lined as it took a fair battering last winter. It is gorgeous and camel coloured and lovely and reminiscent of the 80's which is just me down to a tee.
  • Hand wash my cashmere to freshen it up post summer (not worn) for winter (wear it a lot)
  • Check tights for holes. Purchase more. Feel smug.

Til next time...!x

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